Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Development of a Software for Exergy Analysis of Carbon Monoxide Boiler

A.O. Jewo1 and O.J. Oyejide*2




Accepted June, 2021


As a result of essential utilities of a carbon monoxide boiler, it is often difficult to embark on a manual method in analysing given parameter obtained from the plant. In order to minimize the effort and possible errors that may arise, the development of a software module that would effectively analyze the carbon monoxide boiler for performance evaluation is paramount. In this study, software was developed for analysing the exergy of carbon monoxide boiler. The boiler unit consists of the combustion chamber, boiler tube, economizer, super-heater, and air-preheater. In the development of the software, flowcharts and algorithm were developed. Visual programme tool was used as the programme language in coding the software. Data was collected from the external operator log sheet and panel operator log sheet of the boiler unit of the Power Plant and Utilities Department, Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company, Ekpan-Warri, Nigeria. The software developed was verified through several test cases and the software was found to perform efficiently and correctly. An analysis was carried out using the software and the result shows that the super-heater has the highest exergetic efficiency (44.3%). However, the highest exergy destruction occurred at the combustion chamber (34869.7kJ/s).


Keywords: Boiler, Carbon Monoxide, Exergy, Software, Exergetic Efficiency, Exergy Destruction