Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Experimental Investigation of Biogas Production from Cow Dung in an Anaerobic Batch Digester at Mesophilic Conditions

Moutaz Benali




Accepted 14th May, 20`19.


The increased use of fossil fuels for energy consumption has causes environmental problems both locally and globally. In this paper are presented the experimental investigation of biogas production from cow dung as an alternative for fossil fuels for energy consumption. This was carried out using a 18Literscapacity plastic keg prototype biogas plant, constructed to investigate the anaerobic digestion in generating biogas. The experiment was batch operated and daily gas yield from the plant was monitored for 30 days. The digester was charged with these wastes in the ratio of 1:1, of waste to water respectively. The mesophilic temperatures range attained within the testing period were 25 – 35°C.


Keywords: Biogas production, cow dung, anaerobic digestion, mesophilic