Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Quantification and Origin of Vertical Movements Maritime Quaternaire of the Cote De Bizerte.

Saadouni Hania and Alouani Rabah




Accepted 6th February, 2017

Because of its position NE in North of Africa, Tunisia is part of the Western Mediterranean. It knows an intense deformation related to successive tectonic phases associated or not eustatic pulses which generate a large deformation in the form of horizontal and vertical movements. By focusing our study all along the coast of Raf Raf- Metline and on the shores of Bizerte Lake and Ichkeul Lake and through the acquisition of GPS topographic data field. We could determine vertical movements with eustatic and tectonic origin between 19 and 128 m in 120000 years, corresponding to an uplift rate of between 0.008 and 0.1 cm / year,


Keywords: Quaternary marine, eustatism, Tectonic Uplift