Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Inclusions of Mites (Acari) in Baltic Amber: Preliminary Studies

Wit Chmielewski



Accepted 29th March, 2016


Microscopic analyses of some hundreds of samples of raw amber collected in beaches of Polish coast of Baltic Sea, plus some pieces of polished amber as souvenirs and jewelery, which were made from Baltic amber, purchased in local markets and jeweler shops in Krynica Morska and other neighbouring seaside resorts (north region of Poland), show that some tens of them (10%) were containing inclusions of mites (Acari). Majority of them were identified mainly as free living mites belonging to oribatid or moss mites (Oribatida or Cryptostigmata) and astigmatids (Astigmata). Other groups (Prostigmata, Mesostimata) were represented by predators and parasites e.g. teneriffiids (Teneriffiidae), trombidiids or velvet mites (Erythraeoidea, Trombiculoidea, Trombidioidea). Analyses of amber samples are still conducted and examinations of some undetermined mite specimens (Acari indet.) will be continued; their final results will be published gradually soon after realization of the next stages of the studies.


Keywords: Acari, amber, fossils, inclusions, mites.