Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Heavy metal contamination of land and water around the Nairobi City Dandora dumpsite, Kenya

Livingstone Otenyo Mulamu



Accepted 18th August, 2014


The Dandora waste dumpsite is a major disposal site of waste generated from various activities in Nairobi city. There has been concern over the health implications of this dumpsite from numerous quarters. A study was done to determine the negative impact to the environment attributed to the Dandora dumpsite and to recommend corrective measures. Environmental samples (soil and water) were taken at different points and analyzed to determine contents and concentrations of elements. High levels of toxic heavy metals (cadmium, lead and mercury) were noted in both soil and water samples. Heavy metals are known to have toxic properties, leading to adverse effects on human and ecosystem health even in small doses. The results obtained indicate high potential risk both to the environment and human health the dumpsite. There is need for measures to be instituted for proper waste management to minimize environmental pollution that is a risk to human health. Creating awareness on activities of the rehabilitation and restoration of the Nairobi River basin is very critical. This would enhance a clean and healthy environment. The Nairobi City Council should develop and adopt a more efficient Integrated Solid Waste Management to help in maximizing resource efficiency


Keywords: Heavy mental, waste, land, water, Dandora dumpsite Nairobi, Kenya.