Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Dennettia tripetala extract as green corrosion inhibitor of mild steel in Hydrochloric acid.

N.E. Ibisi and C. V. Ugochukwu



Accepted 10th July, 2015


The inhibiting action of Dennettia tripetala (DT) extract on corrosion of mild steel in 1M HCl solution was examined using gravimetric technique. The results showed that Dennettia tripetala extracts (leave, stem and root) reduced the rate of corrosion in 1M HCl and inhibition efficiency increased with increase in concentration of the extract. Adsorption characteristics of the extract are approximated by Langmuir isotherm. The inhibition mechanism estimated from temperature dependence of inhibition efficiency as well as activation parameters show that the extracts inhibits corrosion via physiadsorption of the extract on the surface of the mild steel.


Keywords: Mild steel, Corrosion Inhibition, Dennettia tripetala, Adsorption mechanism