Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Observations on the Flora of Varanasi District in Uttar Pradesh State of India

Arvind Singh



Accepted 16th November, 2015

An observational study was undertaken to explore the floristic wealth of Varanasi district which spreads over an area of 1,535 km2. A total of 1015 plant species belonging to 601 genera and 116 families were recorded from Varanasi district. The dicotyledons were represented by 785 species belonging to 470 genera and 94 families whereas the monocotyledons were represented by 230 plant species belonging to 131 genera and 22 families. Fabaceae, Asteraceae and Poaceae were the most dominant families of the flora of Varanasi district. The exotic plant species exceeds the number of native plant species while the plants of perennial duration were greater in number than plants of annual and biennial durations in the flora of Varanasi district.
Keywords: Exotic flora, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Indo-Gangetic Plains, Native flora, Varanasi district