Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Design and Construction of an Arm Cortex Based Prepaid Meter

Idim Aniebiet Idim




This research is a demonstration of the development of an Arm Cortex Based energy Prepaid Meter. The prepaid meter was designed to operate in both prepaid and postpaid mode using key pad to input the subscription code by default the meter operates in prepaid mode unless changed by pressing postpaid button. The system has Arduino Due Microcontroller (Atmel SAM3x8E), Current Transformer (TA1309-200), Voltage Regulator (LM7805), 16x2 LCD Screen (LM041L) and GSM Module (SIM900A). The GSM Module serves as a communication medium between the system and the mobile phone which sent text message to the user with detailed information on low subscription and exhausted subscription. The GSM Module has a SIM Card Number and the system was designed to display on the LCD the wattage consumed and the wattage remaining and also to send text message to the user when the meter have consumed 90% of the subscription loaded. Open circuit and short circuit test were carried out on the project to ensure that there is no open circuit and short circuit fault and operation test was carried out to ensure the functionality of the system.


Keywords: Energy Prepaid Meter, Microcontroller, GSM Module