Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Comparative Analysis of Biogas Yields from Plantain and Banana Peels

Essang NP

Corresponding author:   Esssang NP, Received: 14/8//2022 | Accepted: 23/8/2022 |  Published: 9/9/2022

Abstract: Biogas technology offers an attractive platform to utilize certain categories of biomass for meeting our energy needs if it is properly harnessed. Biogas is produced in many different environments, including landfills, sewage sludge and during anaerobic degradation of organic material. In Nigeria, various biomass such banana and plantain peels are readily available and can be utilized in the production of biogas. In this research work, comparative analysis of biogas yields from plantain and banana peels was investigated. Collected plantain and banana peels served as the biodegradable solid wastes. The collected sample was measured with a universal weighing balance and recorded as sample A (Banana Peels, 20 kg) and sample B (Plantain Peels, 20 kg) respectively. The collected substrates were ground into pieces to increase its surface area, and then mixed with water in ratio of 1:2. The mixture was charged into the 0.2 m3 plastic bio-digester and made air tight. Process parameters of anaerobic digestion such as temperature and pressure were monitored and recorded. The results obtained revealed that both plantain and banana peels are potential feedstocks for biogas production. Besides, it was observed that plantain peels have a better biogas yield as compare to banana peels. Thus, with the installation of household biogas plants across sub-Sahara Africa countries communities can go a long way in solving parts of their energy needs. 


Keywords: Biogas, Plantain Peels, Banana Peels, Temperature, Pressure