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Maintenance Culture in Nigeria – A Case Study of National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

Daramola S. A, Dare-Abel O.A, Asaju O.A




Accepted  April 2nd 2021.


Infrastructural decay is fallout of Nigerian’s altitude to maintenance. The gradual or permanent deterioration of most, if not all the public facilities explains the level of abandonment they have suffered over the years. This paper examined this challenge on the National Stadium,Surulere, identifying the level of decay, determined the causes and proffer possible solutions to prevent further damage and restoration of the facility. A close examination revealed that maintenance plan was neither designed alongside or implemented after construction, leaving the facilityto suffer severe infrastructural decay.Data for the study were collected through well-structured interviews and questionnaire administered to both users and sport professionals.The findings revealed that the main bowl of the stadium is the most neglected as no visual maintenance can be observed to have taken place since the Ghana-Nigeria 2000 game. Considering the extent of deterioration and the loss of economic value of this facility, a holistic approach to maintenance is the only solution for public facilitiestomaintain and function optimally for both economic and social purposes. Hence the need to design the three levels of maintenance of preventive, corrective and routine alongside all public facilities with a strong maintenance policy structure for its implementation.


Keywords: Defects, Deterioration, Facilities, Maintenance culture.