Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Production And Characterization Of Activated Carbon From Palm Kernel Shell

Abbas Mustapha


Accepted 12th Juky, 2021.




This think about could be a show of the generation capacity and characterization of actuation carbon using palm part squander. The inquire about may be a squander to riches investigate. The palm bit shell was carbonized in an electric heater at raised temperature (700Oc) for two (2) hours and a short time later the carbonized palm bit shell was enacted by impregnating it with concentrated H2SO4 at 9000C for one hour. The characterization of the enacted carbon was done utilizing the ASTM standard strategy which appeared that the actuated carbon has generally moo dampness substance of 10%, fiery debris substance of 1% and a direct iodine number of 552.15 and a+ Ph esteem of 4.6.


Keywords: Waste, Palm kernel shell, activated carbon