Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Performance Analysis of a Fabricated Multi- Purpose Hammer Milling Machine

1Usman, B.M , 1Ezenduka, A. 1Eweto, L.




Accepted July 2nd, 2021 


 The performance analysis of a multi-purpose Hammer milling machine was carried out on a fabricated milling machine. This research became very necessary as a result of increase in agricultural activities in the country, which has led to high rise in local demand of animal and human feeds like - Millet, dried maize, cassava and plantain to flour for human consumption as widely used in Nigeria. The machine can also be used for grinding poultry and fish feeds. The hammer mill after testing was found to have an efficiency of 93.4%, it is dust free and has self-cleaning mechanism. As a result of proper air circulation in the chamber, there is no effect on the content and no excessive heat generated during milling process. The machine after testing functioned optimally.  The power rating of the electric motor is 5.5kw and the speed was observed to be constant at 2000rpm. The machine was used to grind dry grains, dry vegetable, dry yam, and dry cassava into different grate in powdery form for human consumption in form of flakes. Animal feeds are also produced using the machine. This is achieved by changing the sieve to control the particle size. The machine is easy to operate and has a simple maintenance procedure that can easily be carried out by an unskilled person.


Keywords: Hammer mill, performance analysis, electric motor.