Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Project Planning and Control Techniques, A Pipeline Rehabilitation Work

1Akinfaloye O. A. and 2Adebayo Y.





Accepted June 17th, 2021.


A successful project is one which accomplishes its objectives within a specified period of time and one whose activities are executed according to a laid-down plan. Quite a number of projects including Engineering projects suffer from improper planning and thus result in unaccomplished or failed projects.  This however can be minimized by applying adequate planning and control techniques. This project aims at applying project planning and control techniques to a case study of a rehabilitation project in the Oil and Gas facility. The rehabilitation project is for the purpose of repairing and upgrading facilities of the oil and gas involved in the supply of gas from one station to another. Planning and Control Techniques have been applied in this research using techniques such as Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram and Critical Path Method, Time Scheduling, Resource Crashing. This was done to ensure proper planning before commencement of the project. The work activities, duration of activities, work schedule and cost were determined using the estimates of experienced workers, contractors and consultants.


Keywords: Project planning and control, oil and gas facilities, rehabilitation process.