Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Evaluation of Internal Gravel Packing and Sand Consolidation Methods used in the Crude Oil Industry

Uti LO, Ogugu AA and Esabunor OR


Corresponding author:    Uti L.O   :Received: 1/3/2023| Accepted: 14/3/2023 | Published: 16/3/2023


When crude oil is produced from moderately weak reservoir rocks, some quantity of small particles and sand grains which are inconsequential and relatively of no economic value are extricated and carried along with the flow, thus resulting to the production of sand. Internal gravel packing and the sand consolidation method are the two primary sand management techniques employed in Nigeria's oil industry. Also, it is crucial to assess the well's performance, the effectiveness of the measures for sand control, and the longevity of the procedures for sand control so as to appropriately enhance production and keep an eye on sand control wells. This present study is therefore focused on the evaluation of internal gravel packing and sand consolidation methods used in the crude oil industry. Crude oil production data was collected from a well in the Niger-Delta, Nigeria. To evaluate how effectively the sand control strategies were working, the well inflow quality indicator was used. The results obtained show that internal gravel packing is more effective and long-lasting than sand consolidation method. 

Keywords: Crude oil, Oil well, Internal gravel pack, Sand consolidation method, Well inflow quality indicator