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Physicochemical and Thermal Characterization of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) Root Extract: Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

Gopal Nayak1, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi1, Alice Branton1, Dahryn Trivedi1, Snehasis Jana2, *





Accepted 5th May, 2019.


Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng or Indian Winter cherry is a very important herb of Ayurveda system of medicine in India. The study involved the evaluation of the impact of the Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on the various properties of ashwagandha root extract by using the analytical techniques. For this, the test sample was divided into two parts in which, the first part was considered as control where no treatment was given. While the second part was termed as the Biofield Energy Treated sample as it was provided the Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment remotely by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Gopal Nayak. The powder X-ray diffraction data of both the samples did not show any sharp diffraction peak in their diffractograms, thereby denoting their amorphous nature.The particle size values of the treated ashwagandha root extract were significantly decreased by 40.72% (d10), 35.90% (d50), 36.63% (d90), and 35.37% {D(4,3)}; that causes 44.44% increase in the surface area as compared to the control sample. The weight loss of the treated sample was reduced by 9.86%; whereas, the residue weight was significantly increased by 95.82%compared to the control sample. The evaporating temperature of the treated sample was significantly reduced by 15.62%; while the latent heat of evaporation was increased by 34.42%, compared to the control sample. The Consciousness Energy Healing Treated ashwagandha extract showed the significant changes in its physicochemical and thermal properties that may help in improving the dissolution, solubility, and bioavailability along with its thermal stability compared with the untreated sample. Hence, the use of the Biofield Energy Treated ashwagandha extract in various nutraceutical formulations might be advantageous in terms of their stability, safety, and efficacy. Hence, The Biofield Energy Treated ashwagandha extract could be used for better prevention as well as treatment of tuberculosis, arthritis, tumors, leukoderma, asthma, bronchitis, menstrual problems, Parkinson's disease, chronic liver disease, bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia, etc. 


Keywords: Ashwagandha extract, Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment, The Trivedi Effect®, PXRD, Particle size, TGA/DTG