African Journal of Applied and Theoretical Studies in Agriculture

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Rural Urban Migration of Farm Families and Its Effect on Agricultural Production in Kebbi South, Nigeria. An Overview

Sanchi I. D1, Sabo A. Y2, and Alhassan Y. J3.




Accepted 25th February, 2022.


This paper critically reviewed rural-urban migration and its effect on agricultural production at the origin of migration of farm families in southern kebbi state, Nigeria. It accounts for the net effect of different migration strategies (temporary and permanent migration) on agricultural productivity in kebbi south senatorial district. Migration is a topical issue that has caught the attention of researchers over the past few decades. The study reviewed the concept of rural urban migration, reasons/ causes of rural urban migration in the region, types of migration, nexus between rural urban migration and agricultural productivity, the plight of internally displaced persons in southern kebbi state and consequences of rural urban migration in relation to agricultural productivity. It is recommended that the government should promptly provide adequate security in the affected areas and provide relief materials to the affected farm families for succor. When peace is restored in the affected villages in kebbi south, rural industrialization should be encouraged in order to revamp the local economy, thus creating more job opportunities for the farm families. Also, adequate provision of infrastructure and social amenities to attract immigrants into the rural areas rather than urban centres is needed. Finally, when peace of the local communities is guaranteed, the government should invest in modernizing the agricultural sector so as to improve the agricultural efficiency of farm families and increase production volumes in Kebbi south and off course the country at large.


Keywords: Rural urban migration, farm families, Effect, Agricultural production, Kebbi South