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Original Research Article Mideno’s schemes as agent of rural agricultural development: the case of maize production in Mezam division in Cameroon 1Njimanted Godfrey Forgha, *2Mbohjim Othniel Mobit and 3Dinah Gembom Phungeh [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 085 - 093 (383 KB)
Original Research Article Econometric analysis of factors affecting market participation of smallholder farming in Central Ethiopia 1Leykun Birhanu Demeke and 2Jemma Haji [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 094 -104 (293 KB)
Original Research Article Sociocultural implications on innovation adoption: the case of adoption of yam minisett technology among farmers in Northern Region, Ghana 1Hamza Adam, *2Hudu Zakaria and 3Afishata Mohammed Abujaja [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 105 -113 (209 KB)
Original Research Article Oil Palm Processing Among Farmers in Imo State: Implications for Market Orientation and Entrepreneurship in Extension Practice in Nigeria. *1S.O. Eze; 1V.U Nwoha and 2C.S Adiele [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 114 -120 (123 KB)
Original Research Article Intercropping Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) at Different Population Densities with Maize (Zea mays L.) on Yield Component, Yield and System Productivity at Mizan Teferi, Ethiopia Solomon Kebebew [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 121 - 127 (178 KB)
Original Research Article Growth evaluation of rehabilitated mangroves in Indonesia with special emphasis on relationship with soil and hydrological conditions 1Munandar, 1Sarno, 1Rujito A. Suwignyo, 2Y. Okimoto and 2A. Nose [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 128 - 137 (541 KB)