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Original Research Article A case study of Factors affecting Broiler Production in Gumbo Payam, RejafCounty, Jubek State, South Sudan Milton M Lado*, Abdalla M. Abdalla, Erneo B Ochi and Philip W. Marchelo-d’Ragga [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 074 - 085 (700 KB)
Original Research Article Development of mathematical models for estimating tobacco crop biophysical parameters using multispectral radiometer and upscaled Modis derived NDVI 1Munyaradzi Shamudzarira, *2Ezekia Svotwa, and 3Walter Manyangarirwa [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 076 - 083 (350 KB)
Original Research Article Estimating Tobacco Crop Area and Yield in Zimbabwe Using Operational Remote Sensing and Statistical Techniques 1Ezekia Svotwa, 2Anxious J. Masuka, 3Barbara Maasdorp, 4Amon Murwira, 5Mhosisi Masocha [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 084 - 091 (415 KB)
Original Research Article The ways to ecologically balanced development of agro ecosystems in the Forest-steppe zone of Ukraine Kapshtyk M.V. and Demydenco O.V [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 092-098 (152 KB)
Original Research Article Sustainable Agriculture by Vermiculture: Earthworms and Vermicompost Can Ameliorate Soils Damaged by Agrochemicals, Restore Soil Fertility, Boost Farm Productivity and Sequester Soil Organic Carbon to Mitigate Global Warming *1Rajiv K. Sinha, 2George Hahn, 3Brijalkumar K. Soni and 4Sunita Agarwal [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 099 -114 (361 KB)
Original Research Article A comparative study on different antagonistic mechanisms of Talaromyces flavus and Trichoderma harzianum in terms of growth inhibition on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, causal agent of tomato wilt disease in laboratory conditions 1Rouzita Atfannejad Dezfooli, 2Laleh Naraghi, 3Alireza Niazmand [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 115 -127 (544 KB)