Global Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Accepted 10th March, 2017


Gamma radioactivity produced by human technology is the most direct dangerous industrial product to life and it is caused during the decay of atoms. Two global catastrophic events in which nuclear plants were involved separated only by 25 years were the confirmation that, independently of nuclear weapons, 100 % of security in the nuclear energy management was, is and always will be a complete unrealistic idea, and therefore, the next ecological and/or human catastrophe regarding radioactivity is only a question of time. Although the guarantee of offering the information of food and drink product quality concerning the date of expiry or the ingredients content is nowadays stipulated in laws around developed societies, this is not the case of the radiation safety conditions.

An important investment to offer information regarding the gamma radiation safety conditions in each food or drink product offered by the market to the consumer is needed. In that direction, the implementation of a previous experiment in the market is suggested.


Keywords: consumer information; consumer rights; food and drink business; product labeling; radiation safety; radioactive pollution.