Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Information Literacy to Prevent Bean Losses Using Animated Videos: A Pilot Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Julia Bello Bravo, PhD



Accepted April 3rd, 2017.


As elsewhere in Africa, the considerable increase of the informal sector as a major site of economic growth in Ghana mandates extending support to this sector to enhance and sustain its growth and economic contribution. For women who sell dry grain pulses such as beans in the marketplace, losses due to storage problems represent a significant decrease in the value chain. Informed by Paul Zurkowski and Peter Drucker’s discourses of information literacy, then, a pre- and post-test survey design of 59 women entrepreneurs measured the efficacy of an animated video explaining how to prevent bean losses using a jerrican technique. A majority of participants reported that they understood the training content, could follow the technique, liked that the message was presented in their local language, and agreed to try the technique. Participants also connected bean losses to forms of storage and recognized how training via animated videos on Smartphones could be relevant to them.


Keywords: Information literacy, market women, animated videos, bean losses, Ghana, jerrican