Advanced Research Journal of Plant and Animal Sciences

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Accepted 13th May, 2017


This review paper was prepared with the objectives of to revise the various published and unpublished research results and reviews in the subject of the apiculture about beekeeping, constraints and opportunities in Ethiopia. The country  has  huge apicultural  resources  that made  it  the  leading  honey  and  beeswax  producer  in  Africa.  Moreover,  Ethiopia  is a country  where  apicultural  research is  being  conducted in a coordinated  manner  under  the  national agricultural research system. Hence, a lot of information has been gathered on the opportunity and constraints of the beekeeping in Ethiopia. It has been revealed that the opportunities for beekeeping were the existence and abundance of honeybee, availability of potential natural forest with adequate apiculture flora, ample sources of water for bees, beekeepers' experience, availability of eager beekeepers to accept new technology, and practices and socio-economic value of honey and demand for honeybee products. However, honey bee disease, lack of sufficient number of well skilled manpower, lack of cultivated bee forage, insufficient market facility, weakness of the government policy on the apiculture sector, chemicals application, presence of pests and predators, lack of credit service for the beekeeping sector, high cost and limited availability of modern beekeeping equipment’s and accessories, absconding and migration of bee colonies, attempts of traditional beekeeping system and deforestation and recurrent drought are the major pain to beekeeping sector development in Ethiopia. But all these problems may not be constraints to all parts of the country and may not be equally pressing to every place.


Keywords: Opportunity; Constraints; Beekeeping; Honey; Bee forage